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What do you do when your child shows an aversion to writing?  Or when your child is in their 3rd grade and you still have to go back over the basics of writing with them because they are… Read More

Every child can succeed … life is a journey … let’s cheer them on

We are on a journey – A learning journey. Not only do I have the privilege of seeing my children’s personalities blossom, but I get to understand their learning styles, their incredible giftings and see and be actively… Read More

Random Musings of a Home School Mom -Part 1

The home schooling community has literally exploded over the past few years.  Fifteen years ago, one would hear of a brave family who had chosen to home school their children and it was a surprising, if not a… Read More

Raising World-Changers

I want my kids to care about things that really matter, in a way that matters. I have looked around me and seen signs of a new generation arising; on the one hand, an apathetic group of youngsters… Read More