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We are all looking for FREEDOM. So often we search for it outside of ourselves.  Some look for it in their family or friends;  some look for it in their careers;  some through their wanderlust as they travel… Read More

Family Traditions:

I Love You Day My husband I decided not to celebrate Valentine’s Day when we were married as there are various legends and stories about how  Valentine’s Day came to be celebrated.  Some of these stories were lovely… Read More

African Thanksgiving

Count your blessings name them one by one ….  Many of us are familiar with the words of this hymn by Johnson Oatman, Jr. published in 1897. As a South Africa family, we have been celebrating Thanksgiving for… Read More


Faith if not an emotion, it is a belief system. (Julaine Marais) I have been in many meetings where charismatic men and women stoke the emotional fires of people to believe. I have been carried on that wave… Read More

Labelled, Boxed and Filed

I have been labelled, boxed and filed, left to gather dust in the mind of the labeller or even constantly reminded of the shortcoming by which I have been labelled. I don’t want to be filed or boxed… Read More

Saying “No!” to Perfectionism

Why is it that so many women struggle with the need to be perfect? Our western culture requires of us to fit into a stereotype mould and do it well. In the 1950’s women were expected to become… Read More

No more Saviour Complex

“Freedom” has become a big word in my life. One of the main things I’ve learned about myself is that I have had a Saviour Complex, pretty much my whole life long. Always wanting to save and protect… Read More