The Incredible Gift of a Power Chat

Today, I had the opportunity to see my friend who has recently moved about a 7 hour drive away from us.  She and her family just happened to be house-sitting a few houses up the road from us this past week, but with us being away camping and birthdays and new year, among other things, we have not been able to get together. 

Knowing that today will be her last day, I sent her a message last night and asked her if she would be able to get together with me today for a “power chat”. 

My message to her read:  “….I was hoping to visit before you leave, for a power catch up at least (you know those quick awesome visits we have)….”

We both laughed and commented on how appropriate the words “power chat” are to our friendship.

It got me thinking.  I have precious friends who live far away, but somehow, when we connect, it is as though we only saw one another yesterday.  I have friends who live near me, in the same suburb too, whom I don’t get to see often because life just has a way of happening, but when we make time to get together, those moments count, because they are like oxygen to the soul.

Power chats, are those moments, no matter how short or how long, when two people reconnect, recharge and re-energise one another.    You cry together, laugh together and share your heart.

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