The Pleasure of His Company – Book Review

When you find yourself in the pages of the book, when that book captures the desires of your heart in its very content and puts into words those things that you live for and desire, then you know that you have found a book that is so precious it must be shared.

I was given such a book on my last birthday!

The message is so powerful and thought provoking that I found it easiest to work through it as a Daily Devotional as I needed to chew on each topic – sometimes over a few days.

The Pleasure of His Company by Dutch Sheets, published by Bethany House Publishers

If you are hungering for more of God, if you are desiring to know Him better and if you want to understand His heart for you, for all of us, then I would strongly recommend this book.

The topics in the book are explained in a simple, yet profound way. Dutch Sheets has a gift for “opening up” the Bible and the meanings of some of the verses, as he delves into the definitions of the original Hebrew and Greek meanings of words in Scripture.

If you desire a closer relationship with God, if you desire to know Him more and to understand His heart and desires then this is a book for you.

Sometimes, we make God out to be so complicated, but in actual fact, He is simply longing for the pleasure of your company too.

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